Frequently Asked Virtual Tour Questions

Not at all. Virtuality pricing is based on the square footage and open floor space of your property. Additional features to add value are priced a-la-carte based on your needs.

At Virtuality, we can scan a 2,000 SF space in about an hour. Save prep time by having your rooms staged and clean before we arrive. You will have ready-to-use files within two days!

Yes, you can. Virtuality can either not scan a particular room or block a viewer from getting a close-up view of the room. This can be adjusted at any time.

Yes, they can if they stay still and in position during the scanning process. It is best, however, not to have people be present during scanning.

Yes, we can add media, eliminate viewing areas or even add new rooms in the future. Virtuality 3D tours are 'point cloud' based which means they are live files that can be updated at any time without issuing a new link!

Yes, and they are the best to view! Virtuality tours use GPS coordinates to accurately build multiple story 3D models. You can view them all at once or easily move between floors.

Yes, our Virtuality tours are fully interactive. We can add strategically placed 'pop-up tags' to any position in your tour. Web links, music, informational text... no problem!


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What is an 'Overhead View' in a 3D Virtual Tour?


We make the process is simple for you!

  1. Schedule a time for us to scan. Most areas will take 1 hour per 2000SF and then we will be out of your hair! Make sure there will not be people in your space and have it clean and staged.
  2. Make a list of the items and rooms that you would like to be labeled during a viewer's tour. Also let us know if you want the tour linked to Google Maps,, etc.
  3. In 1-2 days we will send you a link to your VR file which you can e-mail, post on Facebook, or have your web designer embed in your web site.
  4. Within 1 week we supply any other collateral items such as 2D schematics.
  5. Brace yourself for the social media clicks to start going viral!